About Us

Retailers searching to stock luxurious baby products are engaging Modern Cuddle, a new posh plush gift company with a pedigree in the children’s boutique and garment industries. As its name implies, caressing and cuddling their incredibly soft product line is entrancing. With product lines named Minkie Collection and Swatchey Collection, Modern Cuddle prides itself in offering only the top quality, softest fabrics and designs. Gift givers will be proud to present these gorgeous must-haves to the new baby and family. Make your next cuddle a modern one!



Grownups who have had the luxury of cuddling in mink or cashmere know the higher price tag is worth the experience of being surrounded by incredible softness. Imagine a baby’s blankie having the same indulgence! Say hello to Modern Cuddle, a new line of posh plush, blankies, playmats and lovies to give and to receive.
The person behind this sophisticated gift line owned a children’s boutique retailer and was a  New York City garment center executive. Their upscale clientele continually requested chic tactile, love able and comforting baby presents.
But the parent and businessperson also took note of what the youngest shoppers were doing. Toddlers and soon-to-be big sisters liked to touch, explore and feel the most soothing items in the store. And when given the chance, those chubby fingers would cuddle with the softest products. That inspired an ah-ha moment to create Modern Cuddle.
Parents and grandparents agree that a kiss and a cuddle can be powerful. Modern Cuddle offers cuddles that will last through the night or during a car ride with so-soft fabrics transformed into plush and blankies including the appropriately named Minkie Blankie.
Everyone has fingered through a ring of swatches. The colors and textures are fun to explore, one at a time. Modern Cuddle introduces this concept for the tiniest fingers. Choose from three different textures.